We're Moving Office

We are please to announce that we will be moving to our brand new office as of 1 June 2019.

Please note that our new address will be:

Block 3016, Ubi Road 1


Singapore 408706  

Mobile Number:

(65) 9237 9125

(65) 9023 8839

(65) 8608 9675

This year, the company is introducing their library of pillows. They include:

1. 100% microfibre pillows packed from comfortable soft (fillings of 1,000g) to very firm of 1,600g.

2. Cassia seeds / Kapok with TCM therapy effects.

3. Nano-V, an anti-bacterial agent.

4. Aloe vera / Kapok with SPA effects.

5. Goodnight pillows to help those with sleeping problems.

6. Foam pillows.

All their pillows are packed in TC233 outer shells.